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Who are "The California Friends
Of The American Chestnut" ?

We are an all-volunteer, self-directed group of individuals cooperating with each other and with the major national organizations to speed the introduction and restoration of the American Chestnut Tree to forests across North America and around the world.

Our major projects include:

1) Planting and maintaining groves of pure American Chestnut trees in California

2)Cloning selected trees for the use of other researchers

3) Volunteering time, equipment and funds to support The American Chestnut Foundation Research Farm in Meadowview, Virginia.

4) Performing controlled crosses of American, European and Oriental chestnut trees

5) Supplying blight-free chestnut seedlings, pollen, nuts and scion wood to other researchers

6) Providing technical advice and emotional support to other volunteers through the inevitable set-backs and disappointment of an experimental tree breeding project

7) Sampling roasted fresh chestnuts with brandy and swapping tall tales around a warm fire

How Can You Join Us ?

Easy; just tell yourself you want to be a part of our group, and you are automatically a member ! Then contact one of us to begin planning your projects, collecting the necessary materials and, as the NIKE sports
advertisements say,
" Just Do It ! "

Navigating this site

Look to the blue bar on the upper left of your screen and you will notice a half-dozen self-descriptive page titles. Browse around to find what appeals to you. Be sure to check out the "Favorite Chestnut Links".
We welcome any suggestions for ways to improve this site.
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Questions ??
Problems ??

Ask us !!
You may be surprised !!

California Chapter: The American Chestnut Foundation ??

For several years, we have debated the pros and cons of forming a state chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation in California. To date, we don't have enough interested members to make it succeed. We do, however, have a "State Coordinator" to represent us at the national level. If you have an opinion, please let us know. Contact:
State Coordinator - TACF
1820 Loganberry Way
Pleasanton, CA 94566-6024
Phone : ( 925 ) 846-2296
>email: < >

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