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The American Chestnut Foundation

This is an all-volunteer group dedicated to restoring the American Chestnut Tree to the eastern United States hardwood forest. Major effort is devoted to crossbreeding American and Oriental trees to develop a highly blight-resistant forest tree. Test forest plantings of fifteen-sixteenth Americans with high blight resistance is less than a decade away !
They presently need dozens of individuals or small self-directed groups located throughout the world to test out their ideas for forest planting of chestnut trees. If we are to grow three billion new chestnut trees in the next century, we're surely not going to do it one nut at a time! Our best guess is that we will employ small groves of a dozen or more trees planted in a cluster and allowed to mature and naturally reseed the surrounding hundred acres or so. But we need to test out planting techniques, pest protection, soil types, ground cover types, etc. Anyone who can plant a dozen seedlings and watch them grow can make a contribution. If you have more time, schedule a visit to the research farm in Meadowview, Virginia ( Off Interstate 81 near the Tennessee border ) during the summer when the various projects of controlled pollination and blight inoculation are in full swing.

American Chestnut Cooperators Foundation

This group is cloning long-living American Chestnut Trees, and crossing pure American trees to screen for genetic blight resistance. The science is still unproven, but the group has a lot of fun anyhow!.

Charlie's American Chestnut Links

This takes you to a potpouri of American Chestnut pages that I have created to share ideas, comments, data, etc. Come in and browse around!
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A Tennessean's Version of an American Chestnut Home Page

One man's view on restoring the American Chestnut Tree

J Hill Craddock's Chestnut Links

Hundreds of great links. Self-explaining, I hope!

Chestnut Identification Home Page

Coming Soon

American Chestnut Bulletin Board

Post your comments, advice, questions, frustrations or whatever. Hosted by Charlie Chestnut, my alter-ego.

American Chestnut Tree - Castanea dentata

Pretty photos and prose about the American Chestnut Tree. Written from a woman's perspective

Charlie & Shirley Allen Home Page

Learn more about me and my bride of 50 years.

The Chestnut Story

A group of web pages managed by Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven, Connecticut. Sandra knows more about chestnuts and chestnut breeding than just about anyone in the world. Includes links to related sites.

The Green Valley Chestnut Ranch of Sebastopol, CA

The Chestnut Ranch is a source of blight-free Oriental chestnuts from Sebastopol, CA, for starting hybrid seedlings or for eating.

Castanea Breeders Corner
Check it out !!